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From vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, right product selection and design to multi-vendor integration, implementation and management. We will help you pick the right security solution for your business, technical or regulatory needs, integrate it in your on-prem or cloud infrastructure and continue to proactively manage and update its settings for your growing needs and new cyber attacks.

About Us

We are a team of cyber security experts providing IT and security related solutions. At MakeSecure, LLC we will help you stay secure and up and running so that you can focus on your core business.

Product & Design

We will help you pick correct products and licenses to meet your tech, regulatory and business requirements. From the right next gen firewall that will protect your perimeter to the cloud type security solutions protecting your on-the-go mobile workforce.

Integration & Implementation

We will help you install and integrate solutions within your on-prem or cloud type infrastructure and tune it for your needs. We will integrate your cloud with your on-prem applications or help you migrate to the cloud while keeping you safe and secured.

Management & Troubleshoot

We will monitor, manage and remediate issues in your environemnt and keep it tuned and up-to-data while provide you with 24/7 expert level support and scheduled reviews. From Firewalls, IPS, Secure Wireless to complex DMVPN and BGP networks, we will help you run it.

Our Leadership

We are only as strong as our leadership and our team behind it.

Our Solutions

At MakeSecure, LLC we provide you with many different solutions around Cyber Security, IT and Cloud. Below are some of our key solutions and services to help you with your IT business needs. Let us know how we can help your business!

Security Assessments

Comprehensive vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and security review of your data centers, cloud solutions, wireless and wired networks against security best practices, standards and regulatory requirements. Our assessments will provide you with action plan and follow-up remediation services. We use several commercial and open source tools along with manual configuation and architecture review of your systems.

Cisco Security

We are experts at Cisco products such as ASA Firewalls, IronPort email and web security, Identity Services Engine (ISE), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Intrusion Prevention FirePOWER, Cisco Cloud Web Security, Wireless Security, Routing & Switching, Virtual Firewall VSG, Meraki solutions including MDM, and others. We can help you select, integrate and monitor/manage these solutions.

Cloud and Virtualization

Need to protect your cloud infrastructure? We can help. We partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to bring our customers secure cloud services. We will help you protect your mobile workforce by utilizing key cloud security solutions. Whether you need to install a firewall on-prem, inside your VMware environment, in the cloud, or create encrypted VPN tunnels between your cloud and on-prem infrastructure, we can help. We will help you navigate through complex cloud services and integration capabilities.

Management and Monitoring

We will manage and proactively monitor your on-prem or cloud type infrastructures. We will not only monitor and manage but remediate found issues and provide you with 24/7 expert level support should you need it. We will keep your Firewalls patched, upto-date and configured to meet your new requirements. We will keep your IPS signatures updated and alert you on found issues. We will provide you access to our tools where you can view your managed infrastructure and submit tickets for any changes you may need to make. We will send you reports and help you stay safe and up and running, while you concentrate on your core business.

F5 Security

We are experts at F5 Security solutions. Visibility solutions to decrypt SSL/TLS using LTMs and air-gap type architectures. Securing L7 Applications against OWASP top 10 security threats using ASM hardware and software. Restricting access to resources using AFM and APM modules. Protecting infrastructure with DDOS using Silverline and on-prem solutions.

DC Security

We will help you protect your Data Center (DC) environment with high-end security appliances or by utilizing virtual API integrated solutions. We can help you design and implement highly scalable solutions for high bandwidth requirements. We will help you implement multi-tenant scenarios using virtualization technology on the protocol level using VLAN,DMVPN,VRF as well as on the device level by virtualiing the system. We can help you with complex DC migrations and design active/active multi-DC type solutions.


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